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Apartment Home Finders offers a Free Apartment Locator Service if you’re looking to move to or within Northwest Arkansas. We’re committed to helping you find the rental you desire. If you have found an apartment through Apartment Home Finders Apartment Locators, we would like to thank you for your patronage by conducting an affordable move by one of the top apartment movers in Northwest Arkansas.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Moving Service


Q. How Can Apartment Home Finders Move Me?

From our commission, we pay the movers so that we can provide you with help in moving.

Q. What Do I Need To Do To Get A Moving Assistance?

First, you must register on our web site or contact a leasing agent via the telephone. We then search our database and provide you with your own customized one-of-a- kind apartment search list. Then, visit the apartments and list Apartment Home Finders as your apartment referrer locator on your guest card, lease application and lease. Once you’ve selected your new apartment, contact us immediately so we can get your move scheduled.

Q. Can I Schedule My Move Online?

Sure. Just complete and submit the Move Registration Form. The moving company will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your move. If you have any concerns or questions, contact your Apartment Home Finders Apartment locator at 479.636.5363.

Q. Can I Get help moving In Addition To A Move-In Special?

Absolutely. If the apartment complex you’re moving to has provided you with a move-in special, it will not affect you move assistance in any way.

Q. I Don’t Need A Hand To Move? What Else Can You Do For Me?

If you don’t need help, you can qualify for a Cash Rebate. Just register online for the rebate or contact an Apartment Home Finders directly at 479.636.5363.

Q. How To Qualify For A Moving Assistance.

To qualify for a helping hand to move to your new apartment, rent must be at least $900 a month. The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission.


*To qualify for a move the apartment rent amount must be a minimum of $900.00 a month.

*The property must be paying us at least a 50% commission

*You must have found the rental through Apartment Home Finders.

*You must not have officially visited the rental property before registering with us.

*You must have signed a 12-month or longer lease from a rental property in our database.

*You must not have lived at the complex before.

*Apartment Home Finders must be listed on the lease, application, lease agreement and guest card.

*You must not be transferring within the same complex or transferring to a sister property.

*You must not break your lease or jeopardize your lease with bad conduct.


*All beds must be disassembled prior to the apartment mover’s arrival.

*Trip charge of $20 to all areas outside of Benton and Washington counties. Also there is a fee of $25 for third floor without elevators.

*All boxes must be sealed and taped. We are not responsible for packing.

*All items must be removed from furniture.

*We are not responsible for electrical damage from connecting or disconnecting appliances.

*We are not responsible for damages to items within boxes.

*We are not responsible for damages to particleboard furniture.

*Breakable objects like mirrors and glass must be removed from furniture prior to the move.

*We are not responsible for water damage from connecting or disconnecting appliances.

*We are not held liable for any damages or losses that may occur during your move.

*We reserve the right to refuse to move any items we feel we cannot move safely.

*You are responsible for getting excess property insurance to safeguard your property during your move. Coverage is available from the moving company performing your move.

Thank you for using Apartment Home Finders as your apartment locator.

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